I must say, the ute has been neglected in recent times. In fact she has even lost her bling.
Why!?! The springs have sagged more in the front and even with the spring spacers the tyres are hitting in the guards on corners. Therefore, the bling has moved to the wife’s car and the original stockies are back on the ute. It’s quiet (less road noise), doesn’t scrub and smoother. Other than the look, it’s all quite enjoyable. :-)

Mods wise, that’s it…for now. :-)
Let’s check the ‘to do’ list and how my plans have changed.

Re-tune for better Fuel Economy – I can’t justify the expense of the re-tune at this moment in time, as the ute isn’t doing that many km’s each week anymore, not that it was doing many before.
Leather Interior – Another low priority. Something that would be great in the future.
Spray in Tray Liner – Quite possibly the highest priority on my list now. The tray is used often on my ute and is getting quite damaged. A spray in liner would help add protection and look good.
Big Brakes – I don’t drive my car very hard, so brakes would be more for ‘looks’ rather than practicality. Sad really.
Supercharger (Way down the list) – Off the list… More wank factor that I don’t need, as cool as it would be.

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