Lets first answer the most often asked question… What the hell is WitEnvy?
The ute you see on these pages is green, not gold like some people think, so I thought it would be clever to have my ute called ‘Green with Envy’ or in my case Green wit’ Envy. I’m sure not everyone is going to be envious of my car, but judging by the looks and occasional comments she gets, some are! :)

Having owned a Nissan Silvia for 6 years I wanted a change to a slightly more practical vehicle. I had wanted a ute for awhile and as I had no real need for four seats, the load space in the rear would solve the shortcomings of the Silvia. After previously having 4 cylinder cars that were naturally aspirated or turbo charged and a 6 cylinder, I decided I wanted a V8 this time. It needed to look decent and perform well, and in Australia the most common V8 utes are either Ford Falcons or Holden Commodores. As you can see, I chose a 2002 Holden Commodore VY SS Ute.

This website will document the modifications, issues and technical info about the build up of my ute. Please let me know of any errors you see or info that could make the site more informative, or just tell me about your own ute build-up (I’ll add a link to your site).

By the way, the picture at the top is a figment of my imagination, created in PhotoShop.

Randal (Email)

cartoon ute